Friday, February 18, 2011

Didjuh miss me?

hey. it's me, ceaux ceaux.  i sure hope you are not mad at me because i have not been posting lately.  i've been really sick and in an out of the dr's office.  my mommie cries all of the time when she has to leave me at the dr for the night.  it's really funny because when she cries everyone in the office cries too.  so i just wanted to hurry up and show you some pictures my mom took the other day.  it's kinda my first time "out" since i have been sick.  do you like my blue nails? what about my hair on my lip?  
i promise i will be back up an at-um reallllll soon! 
gotta run 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

so. i totally hope you are not mad at me because i have not posted stuff like in forever. omg! my mommies totally take over all the computers in the house.  and since they don't know i have this blog i have to be slick. haha.  so these pictures are really old {not really but like a couple of months}.  so it was my birthday and i got all dressed up in a tutu {that my mommie made} and a bling bling shirt.  i was so cute. 
omg my bloggies. mom is coming. gotta go.  
look how cute i am.  for real.  

i am the cutest dog alive. i think.  what do you think?