Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Like my new kicks?

What. Is. That. I. See.

Oh no. I have to get them.  

Nobody is looking, check.  

Aahhhahahah.. all mine.  

OH crap. I think mom saw me take her shoes.  

Hurry and start lowering head to show mom I am sorry for stealing her shoes.  

Time to squint my eyes, this should work. 

Hope you enjoyed my new shoes. Does this color look good one me?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fix me some food woman

Hey my little friends. It's me. Ceaux Ceaux. I couldn't wait to show you these pictures. Mom is always telling me not to lay on her things and I did! Haha. I mean doesn't she know she is just living in my world. I'm practically a queen. Shoot's. I don't even fix my own food how can she expect me to NOT lay on her things? Humans are just silly.

So my mom got aggravated the other day and threw this thing I am sitting on, on the floor. I think the strings broke and every time she went to sit down it would move and that's why she threw it. She thinks I don't notice those things! Again, silly humans. 

My pop was here and they were talking so I went in for my move. I planned it all out before it happened. I knew if pop was here she wouldn't fuss TOO much at me. I also knew if I went for the pillow when they were in the middle of talking she totally wouldn't notice. Silly humans. 
She noticed...but I still won.

Human 0
Ceaux 1
I know. You are wondering how I fit on top of this little pillow. 

 Time to use my eyes. (see below)
I just wanted to be the ITTY BITTY PILLOW in her office.

P.S. I was hoping nobody would notice me or my dirty back on the pillow. But I guess they did. 
Gotta run! I hear my mom coming

See ya in the next post!  
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