Thursday, November 15, 2012

So a while back the weather was pretty scary. Well not for me but the humans were freaking out. I think it was some kinda big storm coming. Who's scared of a storm??
Yeah my mom has to always give me the natural pills so I don't FREAK out. 
You know, I start panting so much that there is a puddle by me, my eyes start twitching, I OVER LICK my body, did I mention breathing really heavy, walk all over the house over and over and over and over. My mommies always yell at me because I think it get's annoying on the wood floors. 
Let's see what else I do. I hide under the bed and when they try to get me out I just stare at them like I am a homeless dog on the side of the road and I don't want to go with these strange people. I try to drink water but because my tongue is stuck out side of my mouth from panting drinking water is not possible.

So I just described me "during" a storm. 
I don't think I told you about me "before" a storm. Before I know that my socks will be rocked off all night and I won't get a second of sleep. 

Mom took my brother to fly his kite and it's obvious I was 
a)enjoying the weather
b)being sexy
c)scratching my back on the cement

I know what you are thinking, how can I roll on my back, twist my hips and stick my tongue out at the same time. I wonder that too sometimes. 

I love when the wind lightly sends my ear's upward. It kinda makes me look TOUGH.

Trying to get BOTH ears up. 

Time to twist my hips back and forth on the ground again!
Sometimes Beagle/Pointer mixes don't get enough love so this post is for all your mixed breads out there. Co loves ya. 
Sh.. Mom is out of the tub. Bye

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I wear my sunglasses at night

Ok. My mom is sleeping, well not really but I am just gonna pretend she is. She is really washing the dishes so I gotta hurry. See, my mom always has stylish things but she doesn't share with me. I know. Exactly what I am screaming. What? You know about my closet full of clothes...
HOW? I never told you about that. 
OK. FINE. So I do have stylish things but she never ever bought me sunglasses. Why do people think just cause we are dogs out eyes don't hurt when the sun is in them? 
Bottom line. I tried to steal her glasses one day because
a) I wanted to be cute for this other dog that passes by the fence every day 
b)Because the sun was in my eyes. Ok. not really but that sounded good too.

See below, I can't even open my eyes. I was trying to take this picture of myself but it was kinda hard.

Lemme tell you, once I put these glasses on I felt like it was night time and passed out. 
 Then I heard the back door open. I freaked. They fell on the ground and I tried to hurry and pick them up so mom wouldn't be mad. I mean it is a pair of her Ray Bans. She will flip if they are dirty.

I think I am busted. See how I am looking the other way? I am giving off this look like I have NO idea they are on my face. Is it working? 

Man. I am trying to be so still and I just felt them slipping off more and more. 

Yeah. Mom is looking at me and I am looking the complete other way.
This is an EPIC fail. 

Gotta run! I just heard the water turn off
Later, Ceaux Ceaux aka COCO

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Like my new kicks?

What. Is. That. I. See.

Oh no. I have to get them.  

Nobody is looking, check.  

Aahhhahahah.. all mine.  

OH crap. I think mom saw me take her shoes.  

Hurry and start lowering head to show mom I am sorry for stealing her shoes.  

Time to squint my eyes, this should work. 

Hope you enjoyed my new shoes. Does this color look good one me?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fix me some food woman

Hey my little friends. It's me. Ceaux Ceaux. I couldn't wait to show you these pictures. Mom is always telling me not to lay on her things and I did! Haha. I mean doesn't she know she is just living in my world. I'm practically a queen. Shoot's. I don't even fix my own food how can she expect me to NOT lay on her things? Humans are just silly.

So my mom got aggravated the other day and threw this thing I am sitting on, on the floor. I think the strings broke and every time she went to sit down it would move and that's why she threw it. She thinks I don't notice those things! Again, silly humans. 

My pop was here and they were talking so I went in for my move. I planned it all out before it happened. I knew if pop was here she wouldn't fuss TOO much at me. I also knew if I went for the pillow when they were in the middle of talking she totally wouldn't notice. Silly humans. 
She noticed...but I still won.

Human 0
Ceaux 1
I know. You are wondering how I fit on top of this little pillow. 

 Time to use my eyes. (see below)
I just wanted to be the ITTY BITTY PILLOW in her office.

P.S. I was hoping nobody would notice me or my dirty back on the pillow. But I guess they did. 
Gotta run! I hear my mom coming

See ya in the next post!  
If you want to see all the fun crafts my mom does find her here!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hannah "DOG"TANA

Why does my mom do this to me. I think she thinks just because I can't "talk", that means she can do whatever she wants with me! What does she think I am? Some furry doll. I mean I am cute. I don't think there are any "superstar" dog's out there. Maybe MOM was trying to do something for my future! Enjoy these pictures because I think this will NOT happen again for a while! 
 I a dog dressed in little girl clothes. This can't be normal. 

Do you see how I am giving my mom the side view? This is my way (since I can't talk) of saying NO, I am not looking at the camera so you can take silly pictures of me.

Dammit! She caught me.

Notice, my eyes are open. I am NOT sleeping. I am playing "dead dog". No, I was never taught that trick but I figured I would let my natural instincts kick in at this point. DO YOU SEE THE SKIRT ON ME! 

Seriously. Does my mom think I am on some reality show? I can't even yawn without her snapping pictures! 

Can you believe I took this off with my OWN PAW! 

Hanna "DOG"TANA is OUT! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm out of my blogger depression....

 I know your prolly shaking your head saying.... oh now she wants to come back. I'm sorry. I went off to college for a couple of months. Isn't that what people do when they grow up? Mommies told me I had to. When I was on Martha Stewart  my mom told Martha that I was "just a dog" and I didn't go to school. You know she was talking about my blog people. Because I used to not be able to spell correctly and I didn't ever put capital letters. UHH HUMM.... Are you noticing something different? Grammer? NO? 
Well I took a few pictures of me while I was in college. Yes, I was ALWAYS tired. Watch!

Can you see that I have a "hey nawwww back up with that camera" look on my face? Mommies wanted to "document" my whole college experience. Women. 

Check this one out! Bet you didn't know I could open my mouth that big huh. That was a BIGGG yawn. Check out my tongue. 

Mom just HAD to take a picture of my mole with a hair coming out of it under my chin. Just for the record. Who does that. Rude. 

Ok that's all I have for you today. I promise not to stay gone so long next time. I miss blogging but mom was very strict on me. 

See ya next time!