Friday, August 19, 2011

How much is that doggie in the window???

nope. don't wanna do a blog today.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

yeah so....

is it just me or does anyone else out there like to sleep in the bathroom? but only when my parents are trying to rush and get dressed? i do! like alot. they're all like "moveee ceaux ceaux".... and they are all like tripping over me. i think it's funny.  
see ya tom!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jesussss take the wheeeeelllll

heyyyy youuuu guyssss. so i went to work with my mom the other day. they all love me there. i just do this with me ears {{{see below}}} and they all start talking to me in these crazy baby voices! you should try it. i swear. it works. oh and you have to throw in those "eyes".. that is what my mommies always tell me. they say "aweee look at doseeeee eyessss", "hers a babbby gurllll"..... and i could name alot more but you would be jealous. 

so right here i am sitting on my mommies lap while she drives.  yes on her lap. i think it's dangerous because she puts that belt thing around me.  i usually just sit in the back seat in a certain spot where she can see me and i do "this" {{above}} with my eyes and ears and she says "come on coax come up here with momma"... and i won. 

in the beginning i usually just rest my chin out of the window and sit very stilllll. i want her to think that i am a good dog and obey her ((hahahah)) who's the fool here. 

i think in this picture she was trying to take a family picture but cut my head off. it's ok because i am still the first thing your eyes go to in the picture. does she not know polka dots are way more attractive than orange hoop earrings.

after about 30 min i slowly {{keep in mind i mean SLOWLY}} start turning my body until i can rest my chin on that round thing in front of us. i think i shouldn't do that because she always say... "coax your gonna get me in trouble" and " moveeee i can't even turn with your nosey but"... yeah
i won again.

finally. she got us together. i like how i am strait in the center tho. funny how things like that work out.  yes. i made my way back out of the window. i pretty much do what i want in the car.
so. gotta run. for real. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

are you readdddddy for some foooootttballll????

yall. i had the best weekend ever! all i did was sleep all day.  can you believe that! i have the life. that's all i really have to say.  i get waited on all day every day and it's awesome.  my parents even buy me the "good" food.  corn free because it don't settle well with my stomach.  
i mean i am a little spoiled. but i used to be homeless.  yep. you heard that. homeless.
i mean, i don't even talk back because i have it made in the shade.  literally. 
so i found this picture and i thought it was the perfect time to show you.  
i mean, it's almost football season and my mommies always take me to the games.  
so i am ready!

they even put these cool little decorative things all over me. did i mention in another post that i "LOVE" that? oh. 
i think they bought me a beer too. but i think they have corn in beer. do they?

so this is another cute picture of me.  see what i mean when i say they always put stuff on me.  i think they think i am a toy or something. hmmmm. am i? 
gotta go. 
i see a lizard. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

What have you done for me lately!! OOHHHHHH

 i know. you are prolly wondering where have i been hiding out.  well i just needed a break.  i got a new job and had alot of things to get accomplished.  i now eat organic food so that took a little work. oh, and i recently went under alot of testing and found out that i am allergic to corn.  i mean i won't die if i eat it but i will throw up all over my mommies nice things (especially that big nice white rug). that thing is the best to throw up on.  oh and i also realized that i absolutely love love love being possessive. yep. my mom gets mad because anytime someone talks to her i get in her way.  or at least that is what she says. does she not see that i am trying to protect her from all of the aliens. 
ok. thats all.  gotta go bark at the dogs on my lawn.