Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jesussss take the wheeeeelllll

heyyyy youuuu guyssss. so i went to work with my mom the other day. they all love me there. i just do this with me ears {{{see below}}} and they all start talking to me in these crazy baby voices! you should try it. i swear. it works. oh and you have to throw in those "eyes".. that is what my mommies always tell me. they say "aweee look at doseeeee eyessss", "hers a babbby gurllll"..... and i could name alot more but you would be jealous. 

so right here i am sitting on my mommies lap while she drives.  yes on her lap. i think it's dangerous because she puts that belt thing around me.  i usually just sit in the back seat in a certain spot where she can see me and i do "this" {{above}} with my eyes and ears and she says "come on coax come up here with momma"... and i won. 

in the beginning i usually just rest my chin out of the window and sit very stilllll. i want her to think that i am a good dog and obey her ((hahahah)) who's the fool here. 

i think in this picture she was trying to take a family picture but cut my head off. it's ok because i am still the first thing your eyes go to in the picture. does she not know polka dots are way more attractive than orange hoop earrings.

after about 30 min i slowly {{keep in mind i mean SLOWLY}} start turning my body until i can rest my chin on that round thing in front of us. i think i shouldn't do that because she always say... "coax your gonna get me in trouble" and " moveeee i can't even turn with your nosey but"... yeah
i won again.

finally. she got us together. i like how i am strait in the center tho. funny how things like that work out.  yes. i made my way back out of the window. i pretty much do what i want in the car.
so. gotta run. for real. 

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