Sunday, January 30, 2011

P.S. I'm a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie world

wow. seriously. it's been like forever since i wrote.  {it's because my mom is crazy} it's hard to sneak on the computer when she is ALWAYS dressing me up and stuff.  yes, you heard that right. dressing me up and stuff.  the things that girl does to me.  

how am i still able to walk around my hood with my head held high. oh wait, i don't.  i tuck it between the tulle that usually puts around my neck.  yes, i wear tulle.  and usually it has glitter on it.  just wanted to share a few pictures with you tonight.  i think they (my moms) think i have a jello face and a rubber band body.  maybe they are living their life through me.  free.  
going to bed before my mom catches me.  
oh and you can see my mom's blog here!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Determined Doggie

gosh darnit. my mommy caught me.  i tried to hurry up and do it so she would not see me.  this stupid little toy had this thing in it that kept squeaking.  i just had to have it.  anyways after all of this hard work my mommy took the squeaker away from me. i heard her telling someone on the phone that i might {choke} or something on it.  im a dog.  i can make myself throw anything back up.  
so please someone if you can, send me new squeaker toy so i can tear it up again.  this time i will do it when she isn't home!
going play!
{p.s. Click HERE to see me when my ball was ALIVE}

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I got a hair cut!

they finally did it.  they cut my hair.  my mommy said i "shed" all over her house or something like that.  i'm a dog. what am i supposed to do.  but we all know my mommies treat me like a human and from what i hear humans don't shed. so i think that is why they cut my hair.  here are a couple of pictures from the wild event.  

like my hair hawk!
 the picture on the right (below) is me all wet! after i had to take bathhhh.
finally i am at peace.  just me and my ball. which i tore up today.  i am sure you will see some pictures of that soon.  

Saturday, January 22, 2011

the fastest dog EVER

hey yall! it has been a while since my last post huh! i am sorry.  i have been so busy lately.  i {snuck} my mom's computer to make you this video! i hope you like it.  it's like me doing all kinds of cool things.  i am kinda a cool dog.  and i love my family.  they totally let me be ME...

let me know what you think in the comments below!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's the Ball or Me....

i know. i  know. i have been a very bad doggie lately.  i have not been posting like i should but i promise i am coming back soon! but only if i can bring my pretty pink ball with me.  dont you just think i am the cutest little gal ever! Stay tuned!!!!! more interesting things are coming your way

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I need your help!!!

i need your help.  i am thinking about making a new banner for my blog and i want you to comment and tell me your favorite one.  i will number them and you can just tell me the number you like.  









thanks, i can't wait to see which one you like.  

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


my mom though she would be smart "lock" me in a room when she left.  i mean, the room was big but i wanted to show her just how smart i am.  i hope she knows i didn't mean to scratch the door
 all up and stuff. but i wanted to go lay sleep in my bed.  soooo i waited till i heard the door close and lock.  i waited like 10 min just to be safe.  then the scratching began. man! I didn't even realize I could scratch that fast, i mean i was like {lightening} fast.  i think i was so fast that i was faster than lightening. hey, how fast is lightening?  well i hear it's this fast. just wanted to tell you the good news, that i got out.  i managed to scratch long enough to move the lock "JUST" enough so i could sneak out.  so are you proud of me.  i think i should have my own tv show.  going sleep. bye. oh and when my mom walked in the house she YELLED, "i swear, you are like houdini.  i was like, who is houdini. i'm ceaux ceaux. 
it's not that bad, right.

i mean i hear paint fixes stuff like this.
p.s. bet she don't lock me up again.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

mom, can you tuck me in?

ok i forgot to tell you that my mommies finally trust me.  for real! i don't have to sleep in my kennel anymore!!!  i'm like, super excited.  i mean i liked my kennel because i am just that kinda dog that likes to be hidden. but this is SOOO much better~  let me tell you about last night.  you know how i sleep freely now? (Well, not really).  My mom makes me sleep next to her side of the bed.  i thinks it's because i'm a good attack dog.  she feels safe with me by her side....{not really, but it's fun to pretend}... i mean like i will bite someone, ask my mom.  and i won't let go.

i'm so getting off of what i wanted to tell you.  last night i was being the good dog that I am and being quiet, on MY side of the room.   out of nowhere my mom comes and "tucks" me in.  WHAT! are you joking.  what was i supposed to do? bark, bite or look at her all crazy! no.  so i just didn't move, at all.  i'm used to it anyways, my mom is always playing dress up with me.  {don't tell anyone but i like it}. 

this is me tucked in up to my NECK in a big ole blanket.  i think my mom's friend gave her this blanket.  and my mom calls it "the wolf"... i'm just like, okkkk....

these are my nails. i know i need to get my mom to paint them. 

so i got hot.  

i just love my profile.  look at my perfect "eyeliner"...i bet others dogs see me and think "wow, that dog is hot"

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dog days are OVER...

today is sunday {no sun day}.  it is raining and very cold where i live.  i wanted to put this picture up but you can't tell my mom.  i am not supposed to get in the bed but most of the time when my mommy is not looking i jump in and just relax.  i know. i could get in alot of trouble.  but the good news is that she won't even see me if she comes in.  i think i blend in pretty well with the comforter. what do you think?  well i am going back to sleep.  i hope you have a good day.  i put a video up for you because i used to live the life of a dog before my mom saved me. so my dog days are over... Roof

Thursday, January 6, 2011

To flea or not to flea...

it was just a typical night. i was NOT bothering anyone! 

until someone started taking a BILLION (like 10) pictures of me. all i kept seeing was {bright lights} flashing in my eyes...i mean, i know i am cute but how can a "human" keep taking all these pictures of me in the same position...

again. notice i am stillllll in the same position...only thing different is my eyes have a crack.  i thought if i made {eye contact} my mom would stop this photo shoot that i did NOT sign up for. 

not really sure why my mom is pointing at me and making "those" lips {maybe she is like laughing at me} because i am sleeping...isn't that what i am supposed to do??? my mom's leg is up because she broke like all her toes the other day....don't tell her but...{im still laughing}

like i said earlier. it was a typical night UNTILLLLL {insert DUM DUM DUMMMMM} she saw a flea with the billion flashes that were going off in my face...i mean [a] flea.  i know where i got it. see there is this dog that lives next door and i think (word is around town) that she has fleas...but who cares...shes fun.
SO! my mom FREAKS OUT!!! Like FREAKS OUT!!!

within 5 seconds i was in the know what happened next.

this.  thanks dog next door {i think}
my awesome lazy night was TAKEN away from me because of you.  i can't wait to bark at you in the morning and act all vicious and stuff.  

my mom does not know it but in the morning when i am "barking" at the dog next door i will REALLY be telling him to give me more fleas so i can get pampered againnnnn.....i mean, i get the heater turned on in the bathroom, scrubbed, massaged AND blow dried.  and my mom talks to me in this baby talk like i am a baby human {which i am starting to think i am} and it is really funny.   I will try to record it when she is not looking.

Monday, January 3, 2011

are we there yet?

So. as you know i just came back from my first farrrrrr away trip.  i went to my nannie's house.   let me tell you that the trip there was fine.  i had the entire back of the vehicle to MYSELF.  did i tell you that my mom <3's antiques. {roof roof}.  so one day my mom went to some antique store {and she didn't tell me} and came back with this awesome  desk. problem is, it took up all MY space in the back.

can you believe my mom squeezed that stupid desk in the back and she was so nice to keep a 4x4 square available for me to ride back in. for like 11 hours.  here are pictures of me from the trip.

where is my nose?

ok mom. i don't have much room back here
if i could talk i would tell my mom how much i love it up here 
i wanna go back to {Georgia} NOW!!
did i already make this face in a previous picture? 
can i please have a chip, mom...
i think i am depressed...for real.. i can see it in my eyes 
fine. i will just got to bed
wow. look what i found. a new pillow
i didn't realize how cool it is up here! i can see everything 
7 hours later i am in position 44. {again} 
mom, this side? i mean look at my ears. they really are perfect.
do i look like a sad puppy :) i'm really not but i am a good actress!
sexy stretch. wait. do i look sexy or sad? 
finally mom let me come to the front.  i live for these moments.  i mean 9 hours and 45 min on the top of an old desk and 15 min on my mom's lap. you do the math.  
inside my head i am saying {rarwwrrwww}. weird! i look like those show horses. omg. what if i was a horse...
really. i think my mom is obsessed with me.  
really. are we home yet.
should i just go back to sleep and pretend i am on some exotic island.{rawrrr}
i wonder if they make dog bikini's ~~~

ok. gotta run. literally!