Monday, January 3, 2011

are we there yet?

So. as you know i just came back from my first farrrrrr away trip.  i went to my nannie's house.   let me tell you that the trip there was fine.  i had the entire back of the vehicle to MYSELF.  did i tell you that my mom <3's antiques. {roof roof}.  so one day my mom went to some antique store {and she didn't tell me} and came back with this awesome  desk. problem is, it took up all MY space in the back.

can you believe my mom squeezed that stupid desk in the back and she was so nice to keep a 4x4 square available for me to ride back in. for like 11 hours.  here are pictures of me from the trip.

where is my nose?

ok mom. i don't have much room back here
if i could talk i would tell my mom how much i love it up here 
i wanna go back to {Georgia} NOW!!
did i already make this face in a previous picture? 
can i please have a chip, mom...
i think i am depressed...for real.. i can see it in my eyes 
fine. i will just got to bed
wow. look what i found. a new pillow
i didn't realize how cool it is up here! i can see everything 
7 hours later i am in position 44. {again} 
mom, this side? i mean look at my ears. they really are perfect.
do i look like a sad puppy :) i'm really not but i am a good actress!
sexy stretch. wait. do i look sexy or sad? 
finally mom let me come to the front.  i live for these moments.  i mean 9 hours and 45 min on the top of an old desk and 15 min on my mom's lap. you do the math.  
inside my head i am saying {rarwwrrwww}. weird! i look like those show horses. omg. what if i was a horse...
really. i think my mom is obsessed with me.  
really. are we home yet.
should i just go back to sleep and pretend i am on some exotic island.{rawrrr}
i wonder if they make dog bikini's ~~~

ok. gotta run. literally!


  1. OMG!! SO CUTE!

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! I hope that 2011 is an amazing year for you and yours!

  2. thanks iva {bark} how did you find my blog!!! {bark} you should follow me :)

  3. Don't you dare put her in a bikini!!!! Because I know that your thinking about it!! Love y'all.

  4. Oh I WILL!! They make them Sees!!!