Thursday, January 6, 2011

To flea or not to flea...

it was just a typical night. i was NOT bothering anyone! 

until someone started taking a BILLION (like 10) pictures of me. all i kept seeing was {bright lights} flashing in my eyes...i mean, i know i am cute but how can a "human" keep taking all these pictures of me in the same position...

again. notice i am stillllll in the same position...only thing different is my eyes have a crack.  i thought if i made {eye contact} my mom would stop this photo shoot that i did NOT sign up for. 

not really sure why my mom is pointing at me and making "those" lips {maybe she is like laughing at me} because i am sleeping...isn't that what i am supposed to do??? my mom's leg is up because she broke like all her toes the other day....don't tell her but...{im still laughing}

like i said earlier. it was a typical night UNTILLLLL {insert DUM DUM DUMMMMM} she saw a flea with the billion flashes that were going off in my face...i mean [a] flea.  i know where i got it. see there is this dog that lives next door and i think (word is around town) that she has fleas...but who cares...shes fun.
SO! my mom FREAKS OUT!!! Like FREAKS OUT!!!

within 5 seconds i was in the know what happened next.

this.  thanks dog next door {i think}
my awesome lazy night was TAKEN away from me because of you.  i can't wait to bark at you in the morning and act all vicious and stuff.  

my mom does not know it but in the morning when i am "barking" at the dog next door i will REALLY be telling him to give me more fleas so i can get pampered againnnnn.....i mean, i get the heater turned on in the bathroom, scrubbed, massaged AND blow dried.  and my mom talks to me in this baby talk like i am a baby human {which i am starting to think i am} and it is really funny.   I will try to record it when she is not looking.


  1. LOL too funny!!! Can't believe you found a flea by taking pictures!!!! Sis.

  2. I know!! I sure did! Poor Ceaux Ceaux!! She saved us...