Wednesday, January 12, 2011


my mom though she would be smart "lock" me in a room when she left.  i mean, the room was big but i wanted to show her just how smart i am.  i hope she knows i didn't mean to scratch the door
 all up and stuff. but i wanted to go lay sleep in my bed.  soooo i waited till i heard the door close and lock.  i waited like 10 min just to be safe.  then the scratching began. man! I didn't even realize I could scratch that fast, i mean i was like {lightening} fast.  i think i was so fast that i was faster than lightening. hey, how fast is lightening?  well i hear it's this fast. just wanted to tell you the good news, that i got out.  i managed to scratch long enough to move the lock "JUST" enough so i could sneak out.  so are you proud of me.  i think i should have my own tv show.  going sleep. bye. oh and when my mom walked in the house she YELLED, "i swear, you are like houdini.  i was like, who is houdini. i'm ceaux ceaux. 
it's not that bad, right.

i mean i hear paint fixes stuff like this.
p.s. bet she don't lock me up again.

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