Friday, June 7, 2013

Feeling under the weather

Hi. So it's day 2. Only 31 days until my next stupid shot. I'm sorry, I am not normally this aggravated. I mean I want to meet the person who invented big nice cages for dogs. Did they think we would maybe be good if we didn't have to get stuffed in them. I am pretty sure I am spoiled because my cage is way too big for me but I like it like that. I just don't like when mom locks it. She has been really good today and stayed home all day. I mean she stays home everyday so thank the dog god for that. I didn't sleep good last night. I just couldn't get comfortable and of course mom can sense anytime I even move so she just starred at me the entire night. 

You knowwwww that feeling right. When you are in a deep sleep and you flipping wake up because you FEEL someone watching you. Yep. That's my mother. Let's see what else. Oh, I didn't eat my food last night because I just didn't want it but my other mom fed me some turkey and that was yummers. They were talking about me having to have food in my belly or the pain medicine would make me sick. I think that might be why I didn't sleep good. 

I know I am feeling better because I surely ate my food tonight. Every single bit. My grampa came to see me today. I was so excited my tail would not stop wagging.  So he came sit by me and rubbed my belly until I almost fell asleep. Don't they know we do this on purpose! Humans are so no smart. If they were smart then they would do "puppy" eyes at each other, it always works for me! 

My Doc called my mom today and I heard mom tell him about my sleeping last night but I think he was proud of me. Mom told me when they hung up that he said hi. So HEY DOC if you are reading this I LOVE YOU! 

Mom sorta lets me roam in the house since it's just me and her. All I want to do is lay under the bed's and mind my business and she knows that. She told me if I get my heart rate up I am going back on my bed in her office. 
What she doesn't know is I actually like it in there, because it's where she is. 
(insert puppy eyes here)

This picture is my booty hanging out from under the bed today. 

This is when she said "I love you Co"... I just popped my head out and gave her the eyes. Did I mention I was in an extra bedroom so I had it all to myself. K gotta go. 

P.S. I love you. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Hey everyone. It's me Ceaux Ceaux. I have something to tell you. I have heart worms. I know what you are thinking. How could a cute and healthy dog who takes her heart worm medicine every month get this. I don't have an answer but I wish I did. A couple of months ago I went in for my yearly exam and everything was fine. They even told my mom I didn't have these yucky worms. Exactly ONE month after my yearly exam my mom wanted to start me on the heart worm shot, you know the one that lasts 6 months. My doctor (at the time) told my mom that she had to check me before they gave me the shot. My mom said, " well a month ago she was fine so why do this all over again".  All I know is they did it again. 
This is when I overheard the terrible news. Worms! I my Heart?! My heart is only filled with LOVE... The only thing I thought was that these worms knew where to go for some love. Did I mention this was on a Friday? The Dr told my mom we needed to start the injection treatments on Monday. Mom said OK and made the appointment. I will let my mom tell you the next part of the story cause she can explain it better. 

 So that Friday night my mom wrote on her Facebook wall something about me having heart worms and starting treatment on Monday. All of a sudden out of nowhere one of her friends from High School sent her a private message. I think it was someone she had not spoke to in like, 14 years. Thank goodness they were friends online. Long story short her husband is a spectacular vet and wanted to talk to my mom.  He suggested that she go to this site and read more info on heart worms. 
I went there for a check up and he suggested starting her Doxycycline
This treatment plan was completely better for me and this Doc really loved me. I did one month of the Doxycycline pills then off a month, repeat one more time. This medicine slowly stopped the heart worms from multiplying and started to shrink them in size. It's sorta like prepping the worms before they are taken down by the big laser beam! 
SO the next part of treatment is the INJECTIONS. BLAHHH!
I went in today (look up above). Mom brought me in early this morning and that  is when they stuck the needle in my back then monitored me all day. They were so nice. They even answered my Mom's questions multiple times without being aggravated. The nice nurse I am with even promised mom she would give me my pills with the HAM my mother brought. Tell me I am not spoiled! 
When Mom left they STILL didn't talk about her and say she was "cray-cray". I knew then they loved us.  So fast forward to late afternoon when my mommies picked me up.
BAM. KNOCKED OUT! I swear y'all I was seeing double and just could not get comfortable. Mom told me that it was because of the shot and the pain medicine they put me on. I was feeling GOOD! 
I have about 5 different spots I sleep in. They are all over out house and none of these spots involve a CAGED KENNEL. The Dr told my mom to get a cage because I have to be sorta confined for a whole month, until the next shot. They said they don't want my heart rate to race or get too excited cause it can cause I think a HEART ATTACK or something like that. Mom fancied up this "caged" thing with all of my favorite blankets to make it as cozy as possible. I didn't think I would like it but I sorta do. Plus mom put it in her office so I can be near her. I'm tired.
Don't worry I plan on sharing every day of this stupid journey with you so come back tomorrow!
Love, Co