Friday, February 21, 2014


Hey y'all. It's me COOOOO COOOO. Back in action with my pink furrrr. My mom was making some tie dyed eggs when I heard her say come seeeee cooooo. I just knew something bad was about to happen. You know what sucks. The fact that I can't even see how silly I look. I think I might be cute because mom was like ohhhhh myyyyy goodnesss you are soooo cuteeeee. I did a little showing off since she said that. 
 So. I showed her how fast I could run as a pink dog. I mean look at me. My poor stuffed animal is the victim of lot's of bad things. 
 Pooooooo look at me! I am like a horse jumping all kinds of things. 
 Mom told me to pose so I did. She is prolly posting these on my facebook page. You should come follow me bc there are lot's of fun things on it. 
 And this is the crime scene. I think that napkin is what my mom was using to dye her eggs with. My friend looks helpless. Guess I will go throw her around to wake her up. 
Yep. That's what's up today. I heard my mom say she was going to rainbowwwww me or something. Who knows what that means. Wanna dye your animal? Get your one step tie-dye here
See ya later! co