Monday, May 21, 2012

Hannah "DOG"TANA

Why does my mom do this to me. I think she thinks just because I can't "talk", that means she can do whatever she wants with me! What does she think I am? Some furry doll. I mean I am cute. I don't think there are any "superstar" dog's out there. Maybe MOM was trying to do something for my future! Enjoy these pictures because I think this will NOT happen again for a while! 
 I a dog dressed in little girl clothes. This can't be normal. 

Do you see how I am giving my mom the side view? This is my way (since I can't talk) of saying NO, I am not looking at the camera so you can take silly pictures of me.

Dammit! She caught me.

Notice, my eyes are open. I am NOT sleeping. I am playing "dead dog". No, I was never taught that trick but I figured I would let my natural instincts kick in at this point. DO YOU SEE THE SKIRT ON ME! 

Seriously. Does my mom think I am on some reality show? I can't even yawn without her snapping pictures! 

Can you believe I took this off with my OWN PAW! 

Hanna "DOG"TANA is OUT!