Saturday, December 17, 2011

Who cares about pet toys when I have lizards!!!!

You all know I love lizards. I think I love them too much! My mom loves taking pictures. I think she loves it too much. I see 2 people who have addictions. Wait. I just heard my mom say "Cooooo your not people"..... Who does SHE think she is? Really? Like I'm some dog or something.

Well. I saw a lizard today. But I didn't catch it. Just wanted to tell you this is a first. Ok. Moms changing and I'm sneaking the puter so gotta run!

Friday, December 2, 2011

where is the loveeeeeeee the loveee the loveee

hey yall. sorry i have been gone for a while. see my mom is doing this project on her website. it's taking up all her free time she used to have with me. wanna see her website. go to  don't tell her but i am mad at her. haha. i think if she reads this she will be mad that i wrote it. it's ok. all i have to do is look at her with those eyes. then she will say. COOOOOO why do you do thatttttt!!!

fine. mom took this. but the smile was my idea. js. 

i set the camera up because mom is too busy lately. 

i think i fell asleep here. 
gotta go. if she sees me on her computer she will be like, coooooo i was in the middle of something. bye!