Tuesday, January 11, 2011

mom, can you tuck me in?

ok i forgot to tell you that my mommies finally trust me.  for real! i don't have to sleep in my kennel anymore!!!  i'm like, super excited.  i mean i liked my kennel because i am just that kinda dog that likes to be hidden. but this is SOOO much better~  let me tell you about last night.  you know how i sleep freely now? (Well, not really).  My mom makes me sleep next to her side of the bed.  i thinks it's because i'm a good attack dog.  she feels safe with me by her side....{not really, but it's fun to pretend}... i mean like i will bite someone, ask my mom.  and i won't let go.

i'm so getting off of what i wanted to tell you.  last night i was being the good dog that I am and being quiet, on MY side of the room.   out of nowhere my mom comes and "tucks" me in.  WHAT! are you joking.  what was i supposed to do? bark, bite or look at her all crazy! no.  so i just didn't move, at all.  i'm used to it anyways, my mom is always playing dress up with me.  {don't tell anyone but i like it}. 

this is me tucked in up to my NECK in a big ole blanket.  i think my mom's friend gave her this blanket.  and my mom calls it "the wolf"... i'm just like, okkkk....

these are my nails. i know i need to get my mom to paint them. 

so i got hot.  

i just love my profile.  look at my perfect "eyeliner"...i bet others dogs see me and think "wow, that dog is hot"


  1. I've never seen a dog blog before... it's super cute though. My son, lol, is 1/3 beagle and they resemble each other a lot! It really is all about the boogas!

  2. Thanks! I would love to see a picture of your "son"... Ha

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