Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dog days are OVER...

today is sunday {no sun day}.  it is raining and very cold where i live.  i wanted to put this picture up but you can't tell my mom.  i am not supposed to get in the bed but most of the time when my mommy is not looking i jump in and just relax.  i know. i could get in alot of trouble.  but the good news is that she won't even see me if she comes in.  i think i blend in pretty well with the comforter. what do you think?  well i am going back to sleep.  i hope you have a good day.  i put a video up for you because i used to live the life of a dog before my mom saved me. so my dog days are over... Roof


  1. Sha she's so cute! Makes me miss jyn