Monday, August 1, 2011

What have you done for me lately!! OOHHHHHH

 i know. you are prolly wondering where have i been hiding out.  well i just needed a break.  i got a new job and had alot of things to get accomplished.  i now eat organic food so that took a little work. oh, and i recently went under alot of testing and found out that i am allergic to corn.  i mean i won't die if i eat it but i will throw up all over my mommies nice things (especially that big nice white rug). that thing is the best to throw up on.  oh and i also realized that i absolutely love love love being possessive. yep. my mom gets mad because anytime someone talks to her i get in her way.  or at least that is what she says. does she not see that i am trying to protect her from all of the aliens. 
ok. thats all.  gotta go bark at the dogs on my lawn.  

1 comment:

  1. Hi ceaux ceaux, ya mommie mary misses u! :)