Monday, March 28, 2011

my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

hey yall! how have you been? i have been really enjoying my life as a dog.  my mommies take me "EVERYWHERE" they go and i have a ton of new friends! the other day my mommies took me to the dog park and let me tell you how funny.  my mom freaked out because "i brought all the boys to the yard" {{fa reel}} like, they were all over me.  it's moments like these that i wish i could just talk to my mom and tell her IT"S COOL, i like this kinda stuff.  but no.  she tried saying "no, get off, now" to the (other dogs) a couple of times but they just got on me more.  i think she thought they were attacking me but they just thought i was cute.  i mean i am.
well maybe if there IS a next time i will take pics.  but the other day my moms friend came over and brought her dog and we had a blast.  i mean i did! my dog friend billy is MAJOR jealous of all my looks and stuff, and that i can run fast. bills, your like my granpaw.  i love pop bill. 
fa reel.

so you like my side, or no.

bills. momma mary loves me. except it.  i love you too. 
you can turn your head all you want. ima get you.

see. told ya.

and lou.  my mom tried to cut lou. but lous mom wouldn't let.  she said "that is how his hair goes".....fine. 

i love this girl. oh. this is lou's mom.  but i think she loves me more. {not really but i tell myself everyone loves me more than they love their own dogs...} heheheh

i mean.  can't you feel the love in this picture.  look at the way she is cupping my lower back.  i mean. can i call you mom? or no?

:) i wish lous mom would get me a tied eyed shirt.  fa reel.  

ok. gotta run. mom just put my food out. 


  1. Ceaux Ceaux u silly thing, i wanted your kisses bc i think you are sweet, but don't hurt Billys feelings, he doesn't like being called grandpa, but he is a grandpa, just sayin!

    Can't wait to see ur silly ass again! mwahhhhh

  2. Awesome blog.. Linking up from blog hopping..stumbled across ya. I love your posts.. I'm Marilyn from next door at - hope you can stop by sometime.. TY *Officially following ya*