Tuesday, August 9, 2011

are you readdddddy for some foooootttballll????

yall. i had the best weekend ever! all i did was sleep all day.  can you believe that! i have the life. that's all i really have to say.  i get waited on all day every day and it's awesome.  my parents even buy me the "good" food.  corn free because it don't settle well with my stomach.  
i mean i am a little spoiled. but i used to be homeless.  yep. you heard that. homeless.
i mean, i don't even talk back because i have it made in the shade.  literally. 
so i found this picture and i thought it was the perfect time to show you.  
i mean, it's almost football season and my mommies always take me to the games.  
so i am ready!

they even put these cool little decorative things all over me. did i mention in another post that i "LOVE" that? oh. 
i think they bought me a beer too. but i think they have corn in beer. do they?

so this is another cute picture of me.  see what i mean when i say they always put stuff on me.  i think they think i am a toy or something. hmmmm. am i? 
gotta go. 
i see a lizard. 

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