Saturday, November 10, 2012

I wear my sunglasses at night

Ok. My mom is sleeping, well not really but I am just gonna pretend she is. She is really washing the dishes so I gotta hurry. See, my mom always has stylish things but she doesn't share with me. I know. Exactly what I am screaming. What? You know about my closet full of clothes...
HOW? I never told you about that. 
OK. FINE. So I do have stylish things but she never ever bought me sunglasses. Why do people think just cause we are dogs out eyes don't hurt when the sun is in them? 
Bottom line. I tried to steal her glasses one day because
a) I wanted to be cute for this other dog that passes by the fence every day 
b)Because the sun was in my eyes. Ok. not really but that sounded good too.

See below, I can't even open my eyes. I was trying to take this picture of myself but it was kinda hard.

Lemme tell you, once I put these glasses on I felt like it was night time and passed out. 
 Then I heard the back door open. I freaked. They fell on the ground and I tried to hurry and pick them up so mom wouldn't be mad. I mean it is a pair of her Ray Bans. She will flip if they are dirty.

I think I am busted. See how I am looking the other way? I am giving off this look like I have NO idea they are on my face. Is it working? 

Man. I am trying to be so still and I just felt them slipping off more and more. 

Yeah. Mom is looking at me and I am looking the complete other way.
This is an EPIC fail. 

Gotta run! I just heard the water turn off
Later, Ceaux Ceaux aka COCO

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