Friday, May 2, 2014


Howdy to all my dog lover's out there! I know I have been missing for a few but let me tell you what's been going on.

My mom brought me to the vet the other day because apparently I had a stank mouth and my teeth were full of this and that. They had to put me under (ya know I was all loopy) for this teeth cleaning business. While I was under my doc called my mom to tell her that I had a fractured tooth by my gums. My mom got all freaked out and thought I had been in ton's of pain but my Doc told her that I didn't. Apparently my teeth were so dirty the grime filled the fracture. HAHA! Remember when I found out that I had heart worms! Not a fun time. I kinda felt like that during all of this. Bottom line is I went in for a teeth cleaning and came out with one less tooth. Mom's been feeding me mooshy food and I love it. Today was the first day she gave me hard food and I totally turned away from it. Maybe she will get the hint and add a little warm water in it for me. Who knows. Check out my cool Doc's Facebook page. He is the bomb. You can also find me on Facebook! Wahoo!

I wanted to share this cool chart with you today on a dog's actual age. Pretty cool huh! So what I am gathering is after 3 I should be possibly older than my owner and they should call me Miss. Ceaux out of respect for their elders. Right?

Ok! See ya later! 
xoxo, CO

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