Sunday, September 11, 2011

what thu whatttttt

yeah. it's me. ceaux ceaux. i wanted to show you some pictures from my awesome weekend!!! how was yours? i totally bummed because i wanted to go riding bikes but my mom didn't take me.  it's ok. i caught 4 lizards on saturday and left them in a pile for my mom to see. she was like " ewwwwwwww why would you do that coaxxxxxey baby gurlll"... and i just looked at her like she was stupid. oh and then i heard her talking the other day and she was telling someone " i wonder what ceaux ceaux would sound like if she could talk"... really mom....
im kinda tired.
not the computer type. 
going catch lizards in my sleep.
p.s. this was me sleeping while my mom was driving. 
p.s. i heard my mom say... awe look how cute she is...
p.s. really. who takes pictures like this anyways!
p.s. i like this angle. i kinda look like... serious. 
ok. bye. 
oh wait. do i look like i gained some weight......... 
cause my neck looks kinda.. ehh... thick. 
ok bye

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