Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dog-gone it......

hey y'all. let me just tell you that the weather here is awesome! like it's so hot and humid no humans even come outside. us animals have it all to ourselves. the only problem is.. when my mom is home she stays INSIDE. i think because she is HOT outside. 

yes. that means i am inside too. i get the whole baby talk all the time but i don't get keeping me inside. 
help me people.  i need fresh air! i need fresh lizards in my mouth. oh speaking of lizards, my mom always fusses as me because i am "killing" them.  i am a dog mom. so here are some pictures of me being delirious inside.  
gotta run.

hey. if you like my HOMEMADE dog collar... Check out my mom's blog!!!!

p.s. i will be interviewing a famous dog soon... so stay tuned!!! 

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