Monday, October 10, 2011


hey my little furry friends. you won't believe this. my mom was on "martha stewart" and so was i! well not really. but i hear my mom tell someone that they were gonna be doing a fun craft and that they would be using my picture. can you imagine, me..... a dog star. and to think i used to run the streets eating scraps of food. now my mom has me on a special food diet. i can't eat any corn. or i will throw up.

so i went in my moms computer and stole everything below! 
enjoy. my mom bought a new "wet" flavor of food for me and it made me tired! 
you know what they say, the way to a dogs heart it through it's stomach. 
who is they? 
ok. going tuck my nose under something. 

see. it's me and GK. 

Click on this video link to watch my mom on tv!

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