Sunday, October 23, 2011

dear noise. go back to bed.

hey. it's me ceaux ceaux. i was cleaning my computer out and found these pictures. i can't believe i forgot to tell you about this night! boy do i hate storms. i was traumatized as a child. but that was when i was living the ruff life. now my new adoptive family is the best. 
they try to deal with me the best they can when a storm comes. 
no. they can't.
i freak out. 
breathe alot 
droool.... i know. right. 

my mom took this picture. the noise really freaked me out. it woke me up from my sleep!

look how pretty the sky is. that is real purple. no editing there (my mom told me to write that)

see. this is me when i woke up from all the noise. i was so scared that when i walked out of the bedroom my blankey was still hanging over my back! i didn't notice before but orange kinda looks good on me. 

finally my mom had to rub my throat because i was freaking out.
yes. i fell asleep in her hand.
she loves me.
i  love her.
the end. 

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