Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's almost Howllllll-oweeen

hey everyone! it's a good day today. the sun is out and there are alot of lizards playing. i just wanted to show you this post from last year's howwwlll-oween. my mom wanted to dress like me so she make her eyes have black all around them. you know she calls me an egyptian terrier. she says because i have permanent eye liner. she always tells me how lucky i am that i don't have to do my make up every day. 
she said i am so pretty. 
what do you think? 

I must say this was a remarkable Halloween! It was Ceaux Ceaux's first one and she rocked it!!! She walked up and down the streets like she owned them and she rocked her glittered/feathered t shirt!! I even decorated my eyes to resemble hers!!! I look forward to many more great memories with this wonderful dog!!!
(this is what my mom wrote on her blog 1 year ago)....

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